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one love
Posted by gb_phan on 2005.11.24 at 19:33

Ok, so I changed this to a Roleplay. Heh. I think it'll be fun! But, I need people to want to do it!  Hopefully there will be some more expirienced rpers out there. I haven't rped much.  But, I am quite curious as to how it turns out! But, I don't even know where to start!  But, oh well. I've only been a part of one roleplay.  Br roleplay... it's awesome.  But, I'd love to do one with phantom.  I guess we'd have a phantom, christine, raoul, carlotta, meg, madame giry, farmin, andre, boquet, piangi, and whoever else you can think of!!!! I'm getting excited just thinking of it!!! I don't know if we'll do versions, or make it a never-ending love story! Like I said... I'm new to this!  And... I'm looking for mods... because I need help... lol! Whether or not you want to join, please, leave comments on what you think of this idea.  If you don't want to join, please leave a comment saying why... like "it's completely stupid and it'll never work out" Then perhaps give me a suggestion how it might. I'm open to anything!


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gb_phan at 2006-01-04 22:18 (UTC) (Link)
Great!!! I am! We don't have anyone else in the rp, though, sadly. So, basically, choose whoever! And if you have any friends interested, even better! We need all the people we can get!
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